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Growing up in Ørland

On this page you will find information about the schools and kindergartens in Ørland as well as how they operate. You will also find application forms for both kindergarten and ASP (after school programme).

Ørland is a nice and safe place to grow up. In Ørland we have five kindergartens, two elementary schools and one middle school wich was finished in 2009.

The politicians in Ørland have put in place a system that allows you to apply for kindergarten four times a year.

At Brekstad vi have a social center, a youth house, an indoor sports arena and a newly renovated swimming hall. We are currently in the process of planning a new indoor sports arena, that will benifit Ørlands active athletics environment. We also have a well renowned cultural school program.

Here you can find international information about rules and regulations regarding kindergartens and schools. Read this document carefully and make sure you are familiar with the rules and regulations that apply to your child and their kindergarten or school.

On this page you will find application forms for both kindergarten and the ASP (after school programme) in English, Polish and Arabic. You can use the international form as a guide to fill out the Norwegian application form or you can fill out the the English, Polish or Arabic form and send it by mail.   

Here you will find a document that describes what you can expect form the kindergartens and schools in Ørland, but also what they expect from you. Letters in different languages are provided in the links to the left. 


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